4-D Wheel, San Diego CA, 2007, following our “Journey to the Keeper of the Flame”

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Mar 2018

03/03/2018 - 03/10/2018
Exploring the 4-Dimensional Wheel - (Mexico) - Dr. Gina Ogden
Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico,

Apr 2018

04/27/2018 - 04/28/2018

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Expanding Sex Therapy  Series (6 one-hour sessions)

Gina guides you through essential steps of 4-D Wheel practice, with examples, meditations, activities, worksheets, and handouts–along with supervisory conversations with other 4-D practitioners.

Module 1:  Introducing the 4-D Wheel to Clients

Module 2:  Using Power Objects–and Eliciting a “Yes” Response from Your Clients

Module 3:  Expanding Your Effectiveness with Couples

Module 4:  Offering the 4-D Wheel in Group Settings

Module 5:  Integrating the 4-D Wheel with Other Practices

Module 6:  Taking the 4-D Wheel Home


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Extraordinary Sex Therapy Series (6 one-hour sessions)

Gina Ogden & six creative practitioners demonstrate innovative applications of the 4-D Wheel approach.

The purchase option for this complete series is now available online.

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Previews of the Extraordinary Sex Therapy Series

NOTE: The 4-D Wheel was originally named the ISIS Wheel as an acronym for “Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality”.
We now use “4-D” Wheel, but the acronym “ISIS” may occasionally appear in some videos.


Session 1: Humanizing Sexual Medicine

Debra Wickman, MD

Session 2: Healing Sexual Trauma

Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP

Session 3: Expanding Erotic Boundaries

Patti Britton, PhD

Session 4: Discovering Aphrodite

Chelsea Wakefield, PhD

Session 5: Recovering Sexual Authenticity

Kristin Hodson, LCSW

Session 6: Facing Infertility Together

Elliott Kronenfeld, LICSW