Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy – (Esalen Institute)

Date(s) - 02/09/2018 - 02/11/2018

Esalen Institute


A Training for Health Professionals

Health, wellbeing, and intimate relationship are profoundly affected by sexual issues, yet like many health professionals, you may sometimes feel at a loss to help your clients overcome feelings of sexual inadequacy, move beyond blocks to desire and pleasure, and transform the underlying emotional and spiritual dynamics of their sexual challenges.

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In this training, you will experience the 4-D Wheel of Sexual Experience, an innovative model which brings emotional and spiritual consciousness to the practice of sex therapy.  Our approach incorporates ritual, movement, along with a four-dimensional structure to support clients through a wide range of situations and dynamics and to clarify therapeutic boundaries.

You will learn innovative and engaging practices to help your clients and students:

  • Discover the four energies that spark sexual desire
  • Reframe cultural messages that constrain sexual attitudes
  • Find healing and clarity around hot-button issues such as gender fluidity, porn use, and affairs
  • Identify the roots of present sexual impasses in past griefs and traumas, and learn strategies for transformation

The training will provide opportunities for case consultation about desire, pleasure, dysfunction, and more.  You will have plenty of time to cultivate personal awareness, get your clinical questions answered, and network with like-minded professionals.

This training is designed for physicians, nurses, social workers, family therapists, sex therapists, school counselors, and anyone working with students or clients for whom sexual issues may affect health, empowerment, or safety.