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Gina Keynotes AAMFT Conference, 2012

Are you ready to become a more creative professional?

I offer several levels of specialized supervision and training for sex therapists and other health professionals—and I am pleased to work with you to help you with your clients’ issues of sexuality and intimate relationships. My supervisions and trainings focus on the integrative approach typified by the Four-Dimensional Wheel process outlined in my books.  But I am not tied to only one modality. My Master’s degree is in family therapy and family systems, my PhD is in sexology, and in my 43 years of practice as a sex therapist, I have witnessed a wide gamut of therapy situations, and studied a variety of powerful protocols ranging from bioenergetics, psychodrama, hypnosis, and Neurolinguistic Programming, to energy healing and shamanic transformation. If you have questions, please contact me.


How You Can Participate in Supervision & Training with Me

  • Schedule individual consultations in my Cambridge, MA office, or by telephone.
  • Contract for the multiple supervision sessions that will qualify you for certification by The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)—in my office, or by telephone. (see special note)
  • Attend group supervision sessions, usually offered during the spring and fall, in my office.
  • Attend the online courses listed on our store page.
  • Attend lectures and trainings offered throughout the year at various conferences and conference centers—please check my events page on an regular basis.


*If you want to become an AASECT certified sex therapist

I am an AASECT certified sex therapy supervisor, and am authorized to offer the supervision that will qualify you for certification. (See the AASECT guidelines here Please contact me directly to schedule an initial conversation to discuss your supervision needs, and whether you are interested in sessions in my Cambridge, MA office, or by telephone.

Here’s What Some of My Supervisees Write…

“Supervision with Gina was an experience of profound professional and personal growth. Collaborative, generous and thought inspiring; Gina invites one to move past the structural tenets of traditional sex therapy into the deeper realms of constructed meaning, body and heart, mind and spirit, in ways that identify the un-measurable experiences that contribute to the development, and eventual healing, of sexual struggles for both women and men.”
— Joseph Winn MSW, LICSW, CST, Private Practice, Arlington, MA
“My decision to choose Gina as a supervisor was primarily based on the amazing research she has done in the field of women, sex and desire.  Her books had a way of illuminating many of the blocks and difficulties my clients experienced and this information was key in normalizing and revitalizing my clients.  I could think of nothing more inspiring than to have Gina supervise me as I trudged the path to AASECT Sex Therapist Certification.  This is where I started in my work with Gina, but what has evolved has been much greater.  After a 7-day Women’s Desire and Intimacy Training at Esalen, I found myself in the presence of not only a supervisor who could assist me with client treatment and course work, I found a mentor who inspires me to reach further into my heart and mind and find the intersection where my clients are best able to grow and heal.   What is so important to me about this supervisory relationship is that it goes beyond the traditional, which as a practicing psychotherapist for almost 10 years, it needed to be in order to feel interesting, exciting, innovative and inspiring.”
— Deb Azorsky, MA, LPC, Boulder Center for Sexual Health, Boulder, CO
“I chose Gina as my supervisor after participating in a teleseminar that she co-facilitated regarding sexuality and desire. I loved her way of conceptualizing sexuality in terms of the person’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual story. As I am finishing up my AASECT certification under Gina’s supervision, I feel that I have added a degree of richness to my therapeutic acumen. I have learned to think differently about the people who come through my office door—not as an “expert” but as a student learning from each story—listening to my client’s narratives, guiding them to experience movement on different levels. My clients are no longer simply a diagnosis, but a fascinating, unique story that I look forward to working with and providing the tools for healing. I am definitely a better therapist and feel that I can provide sex therapy services with competence and confidence.”
– Ginger Holczer, Psy.D. , Private practice, Springfield, MO
“I chose Gina as a supervisor because of her expertise, experience, and the development of the Four-Dimensional Wheel.  In my medical practice, I counsel woman on sexuality and found it difficult to navigate as there has not been a model in sexuality that fit well.  Gina Ogden’s 4-D Wheel has provided a very valuable tool for my work.  Gina’s style of non-judgment, openness, compassion, and thinking outside the box about what inhibits sexual expansion has provided an exceptional learning experience as a supervisee.”
— Sherri Pominville, MSN, APN Fellow of Integrative Medicine, Sex therapist, Reno, Nevada
“Gina took care to get really get to know me as an individual, and was especially good at helping me figure out where to focus my time and energy, keeping the big picture in mind. I was able to get through the process of applying to be an AASECT certified sex therapist much more easily thanks to Gina’s generous, kind-hearted supervision and guidance. She helped me think about my long term career goals and how to implement them as well as connecting me with people and resources, providing mentoring, not just supervision.”
— Gracie Landes, LMFT. Private Practice, New York, NY
“Gina has a keen critical mind that will cut through minutiae to get to the core/root of the issue with me only giving a brief overview.  I see chronic abuse survivors, couples, people with pain and sexual desire issues as well as clients with personality disorders, and she has helped me expand the way I conceive of my role with these clients, so my interventions have become both more concentrated and at the same time expanded in thought.  I was surprised at how effective phone consultation was with Gina.  It’s as if she read the client’s and my body language, or that she has so much experience that she can explain theory to me and then completely explain why or why not that might work and then offer an option to break the mold of the more antiquated theories and reconceptulize the way I do an intervention. When I take her advice I have fabulous results with my clients.”
— Kamara McAndrews, MA, LMFT, DAACS, Private Practice, Colorado Springs, CO