Walk the 4-D Wheel

4-D Wheel, Kansas City, KA, 2006 — just after publication of The Heart & Soul of Sex

Explore my innovative template for the four energies that spark desire & intimacy


Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality (4-D Wheel)

The 4-D Wheel of Sexual Experience

Gina Ogden 4-DWheel


A Guide to the Quadrants

I developed the 4-D Wheel to illustrate how our sexual experience is much more than physical—it is multi-dimensional: body, mind, heart, and spirit. The 4-D Wheel includes four aspects of experience that are always present in our lives: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional. What I call the “Four-Dimensional Wheel Connection” occurs when all of these meet and merge in the center, which is wide open to the other aspects. This is where sexual experience enters the uncharted territory of ecstasy and mystical revelation.


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Gina describing different aspects of the 4-D Wheel

NOTE: The 4-D Wheel was originally named the ISIS Wheel as an acronym for “Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality”.
We now use “4-D” Wheel, but the acronym “ISIS” may occasionally appear in some videos.


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Part 1:
The 4-D Wheel

Part 2:
Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit

Part 3:
How to Use the 4-D Wheel

Part 4:
Telling Your Story

Part 5:
Sexual Ecstasy